Wireless Portable Bluetooth Loudspeaker Sound System


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Product details of Portable Bluetooth Speaker KTX-1057 Wireless RGB Light Loudspeaker Sound System 10W Stereo Music Waterproof

Model: KTX-1057

Compatible with: MP3, TF/Micro SD Card

Charging Time: 1-2 Hours

Transmission Distance: 10m

Bluetooth Version: v4.0

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh

Working Time: 3 Hours

Design: Cool, Fun, Multifunctional, Portable

A speaker without wires can be taken to the bathroom, kitchen or even poolside;- It's convenient for handsfree talking on your smartphone while doing work around the house or yard;- You can listen to music while you do other things, like eating a meal or working out in the garage. Portable Bluetooth speakers have changed the way we go about our daily routine. Whether you're taking a walk in the park, going to beach or climbing a mountain, there's no longer any reason not to enjoy your favorite music. Just one of these portable speakers is all it takes to change your life for the better!

There are many alternatives/options available when buying Bluetooth speakers. We have listed some of the main factors you should consider before buying wireless Bluetooth speakers for yourself or others.

  • Price Range - There are many options available when shopping for wireless Bluetooth speakers, and they come in a wide variety of prices as well. You will find options that cost less than $50, but you can also spend hundreds of dollars on a high end wireless Bluetooth speaker. Most customers will fall in the middle of this spectrum, and although you may be tempted to purchase top-of-the-line speakers for yourself or others, it is important to remember that not everyone needs audiophile quality sound. Spending more money than you need to results in unnecessary expenditures.
  • Sound Quality - Some people consider the sound quality to be the most important factor when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, but it is not usually an issue for those who are looking for wireless speakers as gifts. Most purchasers of portable Bluetooth speakers opt for options with pleasing, crisp sounds that help them clean their homes or work out at the gym without distracting them from their chores. If your purpose for buying wireless Bluetooth speakers is to listen to music in a studio, then you will want to consider the options available with audiophile quality sound.
  • Features - A great feature that can be included on wireless speakers is NFC or Near Field Communication. This allows the user to seamlessly pair his or her Bluetooth speaker with a cell phone using the touch of a button, instead of having to search for it on the Bluetooth speaker's pairing menu. Another great feature is automatic shut off, which prevents those who forget to turn their speakers off from draining their power sources unnecessarily.
  • Connection - As far as wireless connection goes, there are a few options available when shopping for wireless speakers. You can opt for those that connect to your wall with a third party cord, or you can purchase Bluetooth speakers that plug into a power source so they are not limited by the distance of their connection wires. The latter option is often more convenient than reaching an outlet and cord in order to use the speaker as intended, but it does take up more space.
  • Battery Life - Perhaps the most important factor for those who buy portable Bluetooth speakers is battery life. Those who enjoy listening to their music while driving or participating in other activities where a power source is not available will need wireless Bluetooth speakers that can provide hours of uninterrupted sound without recharging. Many options are available with rechargeable batteries that will last for hours on a single charge, but you can also opt for corded options if you don't mind the limits imposed by the length of their cords.
  • Style - You may love how your friend's wireless speaker looks and enjoy it every time he or she uses it, but this doesn't necessarily mean that you will also love the style. While some of these wireless Bluetooth speakers are available in trendy colors and styles, others come in boring options that don't fit into everyone's decor or tastes. It is important to research the various styles and color options available if you want someone to enjoy your gift as much as you enjoyed picking it out.
  • #7 Additional Features - As far as additional features go, there are many available with today's wireless speakers. There are some that let you control the volume and track selection, while others have built in microphones that allow the user to take phone calls along with sending or receiving text messages. You can even find wireless Bluetooth speakers that will allow two devices to be paired to them at the same time. In order to find the perfect gift, it is important to know what you are looking for before heading out shopping.
  • Price - The final consideration to make when looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker is the price of each option available. While some options come in under $50, others get into the hundreds of dollars and can be considered to be investments rather than just purchases. Researching the price of each option is important, but don't go overboard with high priced options only because of their brand name or popularity among celebrities.
  • Overall Quality - In most cases, wireless speakers provide quality sound in a convenient size that makes them ideal for taking to different locations. However, there are some that don't provide the same quality as others and can have static or poor sound when used for long periods of time. In order to ensure that your gift makes a positive impression and isn't returned, it is important to find wireless speakers that offer great sound quality in an attractive package.
  • Connection - Bluetooth speakers connect wirelessly to devices that have Bluetooth capabilities. While this connection is easy to set up and get going, there are some Bluetooth speakers that have syncing problems when trying to connect to a computer or phone. If your friend uses multiple devices on the same computer, it may be necessary to purchase a speaker that includes more than one port so they can use their favorite device or earbuds with it.
  • Sound Quality - While wireless speakers come at a variety of price points, the most important factor to consider is sound quality. If you want an inexpensive speaker for background music that only needs to be heard in one room, you may not mind sacrificing quality for convenience and affordability. However, if you are looking to give your friend a gift that will be used on a regular basis, it is important to find wireless Bluetooth speakers that offer superior sound without static or other interruptions.
  • Volume - Some of the best wireless speakers come with volume controls and additional features that are easy to use. It is also important for your friend to be able to control the volume via their wireless speaker. If you plan on using the speakers in a single room, then this won't be necessary, but if your friend is planning to use it around other people, they will need to know how loud or quiet they can make their music.
  • Color - Wireless Bluetooth speakers can come in a variety of colors and styles so that everyone has a preference to fit their personality. Whether your friend prefers plain black, bright pink, or something else entirely, there is an option available for everyone. By finding a color and style that makes them smile, you can give the best wireless Bluetooth speaker gift for any occasion.
  • Durability - Wireless speakers may range from $10 to over $200, but the price doesn't always indicate their level of durability. By looking for durable materials and quality construction, you can find wireless speakers that are built to last and won't require replacement anytime soon.
  • Compatibility - While there are several types of wireless speakers available on the market, it is important that your friend's speaker be compatible with their device. If you are shopping for a family member or someone who frequently uses multiple devices, it may be necessary to purchase a Bluetooth speaker that offers more than one connection option such as USB ports or an AUX port so they can listen to music using their favorite device.
  • Design - While design may not be a deciding factor in every wireless Bluetooth speaker purchase, it is an important consideration for some people. If your friend has a personal style or theme that they prefer to include in their home décor, it is important to find one that complements their interior design choices without being too loud or clashing with their existing furnishings.
  • Price - One of the most important considerations when finding the best wireless Bluetooth speaker for your friend is their budget. While some models can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, there are several options available at various price points that still deliver superior sound quality and portability. By doing a little research to find speakers within your friend's price range, you can find a speaker that is perfect for the occasion without costing them too much.
  • Special Features - While most wireless Bluetooth speakers are portable and able to play music loudly enough for everyone in the room to hear, some models offer additional features such as a built-in radio or alarm clock. By finding one of these extra features that they can take advantage of, you can give them a wireless speaker that offers more than just the ability to play music.
  • Warranty - While most people know how well their products are built, there is always a chance for an item to malfunction or not be up to the expected quality. By finding a model with as long of a warranty as possible, you can provide them with the best wireless Bluetooth speaker gift while giving yourself peace of mind that they will have their device replaced in the event something doesn't work as expected.
  • Waterproof - While most wireless speakers aren't designed for use under water, there are several models available with waterproof capabilities that can be used by swimmers or those who enjoy spending time outdoors during the summer months. By giving your friend one of these models, you can ensure they can listen to their favorite radio station or playlist even when enjoying a day at the pool or beach.
  • Strength of Sound - While most wireless Bluetooth speakers are able to play music loudly enough so they can enjoy it without headphones, some models struggle to produce a high-quality sound that can be heard from across the room. By finding one of the strongest models available, you can ensure your friend will have an enjoyable listening experience with their new speaker.
  • NFC Capabilities - The Near Field Communication (NFC) ability that is found on some wireless Bluetooth speakers allows them to connect directly to compatible devices such as smartphones that are able to accept this type of connection. By giving your friend a wireless speaker that can connect to their smartphone with just tapping the two together, they can stream music without having to spend time getting them synchronized.
  • Remote Control - Similar to an app that controls the volume of music, some models also include a remote control that can play and pause music as well as skip through tracks without having to touch their device at all. By giving your friend a wireless Bluetooth speaker with this capability, they can control their listening experience without being forced to reach for their phone or computer.
  • Ease of Use - With so many features available on wireless Bluetooth speakers, it is important to also consider how easy each model is to setup and use when deciding which one is the best choice for your friend. By researching reviews from current owners as well as any user guides that came with a model, you can determine how easy it is to get started with listening to music.
  • Battery Life - While most wireless Bluetooth speakers are able to play music and other audio for hours before needing a recharge, there are others that struggle in this area. By finding one of the longest lasting models available, you can ensure your friend will be able to enjoy their speaker for a long time before needing to plug it in.
  • Compatibility with Other Devices - While your friend may already have the latest smartphone or tablet computer, they may not yet own an older model that isn't as up-to-date. By finding a wireless Bluetooth speaker that is able to connect with different types of devices and software, you can ensure your friend will be able to use it with their current technology as well as anything else they may purchase in the future.
  • Durability - While most wireless Bluetooth speakers are durable enough to withstand being carried around without getting damaged, there are some that struggle with this aspect of ownership. By finding one of the best brands on the market and a model that is made from strong materials, you can ensure your friend will be able to get plenty of use out of this present without it showing noticeable wear and tear quickly.
  • Easy to Pair with Other Devices - Under some circumstances, your friend may not need to connect their wireless Bluetooth speaker with a device or computer at all. While this is highly unlikely, it is still possible for them to use your present only as an audio system that they can control using buttons on the unit itself. By finding one of the easiest models available to pair with their smartphone or music player, you can ensure they will be able to use it quickly and easily.

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